patio cleaning in redhill

Patio Cleaning In Redhill

Patio Cleaning Company Working In Redhill

Our patio cleaning service in Redhill has been keeping the local residents very happy for many years now. We class our patio cleaning service second to none as we aim to go the extra mile on every job we carry out. Altho we are based in Crawley, West Sussex means that Redhill is one or our neighbours town and pride themselves on being one of the refined areas. We get a lot of work in Redhill for that reason alone.

There is not a patio type out there that we have’nt restored and brought back to life. We can even remove the most harshest of black marks or should we call them black spots. The back spots that grow on the patio slabs over time are a form of lichen, yes they can be a nightmare to remover even with a pressure washer but we have a few products that completely removers them from patio slabs and can also work without the use of a pressure washer at all.


Going The Extra Mile

Whilst we were there cleaning the patio we cleaned the timber table and chairs. only took a couple of extra minutes and the results were amazing would’nt you say…

We are so happy with the patio and it looks so fresh and new again and we have The Captain and his team to thank for that all the other power washing companies we have used in the past didn’t get anywhere near to the results that Captain Jetwash have.
— Mr & Mrs Farn in Redhill