Black Spot Removal

Patio Cleaning / Black Spot Removal In Crawley West Sussex

Patio Cleaning / Black Spot Removal In Crawley West Sussex

Black spots on patio’s can be pretty hard to remove if you dont know the right way to go about it. The little black spots are a form of lichen and can be removed with the right treatment.

We can remove them little black spots from all types of patio surfaces bringing the patios back to life again. If your reading this is probably because you have them horrible little black spots on your patio and you want them gone, so why not get in contact with us and let us be one of your quotes.

Black spots removed off your sand stone patio in Crawley West Sussex

Black Spots Can Be Removed…

Those horrible little black can be easily enough if you know how. We have been doing if for a long time so why not give us a call.

The proof is in the pudding as they say so below are 3 images of a patio we cleaned not so long ago, the results were pretty good as you can see.

If you got black spots on your patio why not get them removed properly once and for all.

Although we are based in Crawley West Sussex we do actually work in and around Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent and Hampshire. Drop us and email or give us a call and I’m sure your be pleased that you did…