Patio Cleaning / Black Spot Removal In Crawley West Sussex

Patio Cleaning / Black Spot Removal In Crawley West Sussex

Black spots on patio’s can be pretty hard to remove if you dont know the right way to go about it. The little black spots are a form of lichen and can be removed with the right treatment.

We can remove them little black spots from all types of patio surfaces bringing the patios back to life again. If your reading this is probably because you have them horrible little black spots on your patio and you want them gone, so why not get in contact with us and let us be one of your quotes.

Black spots removed off your sand stone patio in Crawley West Sussex

Black Spots Can Be Removed…

Those horrible little black can be easily enough if you know how. We have been doing if for a long time so why not give us a call.

The proof is in the pudding as they say so below are 3 images of a patio we cleaned not so long ago, the results were pretty good as you can see.

If you got black spots on your patio why not get them removed properly once and for all.

Although we are based in Crawley West Sussex we do actually work in and around Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent and Hampshire. Drop us and email or give us a call and I’m sure your be pleased that you did…

How To Remove Black Spots From My Patio.

Captain Jetwash Black Spot Removal Service Based In Crawley West Sussex.

So many people are having trouble knowing how to get rid of the black spots. Its pretty easy if you know what to do and what to use. Its no good just using a pressure washer as this will take off the dirt and grimme and leave the block spots for all to see..
Whats needed to remove the black lichen spots is a combanations of solutions and then a good pressure wash with a good heavey duty pressure washer.

Were not selling a product but we are selling a service.

Our black spot removal service has become so popular because we actually leave your patio slabs looking like new.
We arrive at the job and remove everything from the area such as plant pots, patio sets and BBQ’s. Then we apply our magic black spot remover and sweep it around to keep it active, usually after about 15 minutes we start to notice results. Depending on how bad the black spots are depends on how long we leave the treatment on for. usually withing the hour the patio would be ready for pressure washing.
With our state or the art pressure washing equipment we then go to work removing any last few black spots, that wanted to say. After we remove the black spots, we give the whole area a clean down then put all the furniture back where it was then bid you a fair well.

Below is a picture of our black spot remover going to work on the horrible little black spots.


Horrible little black spots being eaten alive in minutes.

Contact Captain Jetwash if you want rid of those little black lichen spots from your patio.

We are based in Crawley West Sussex but we are happy to travel anywhere within Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent and Hampshire.
If you just have an enquiry the you can snap a picture of the area and email it to us and we can give you an idea of costs. To confirm any price we will need to pay a visit and just dot the i’s and cross all the t’s. Plus it would give you a chance to meet The Captain / Myself Matthew whom will be incharge of carrying out the work.

Well thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope I’ve answered some questions you may have been asking yourself. If there is anyway we can help you please contact us either via our contact form or by hitting 1 of the 2 icon on the bottom of this page if you are reading this on a mobile device.

Again Thanks For Reading hope you enjoy your day.

Patio Cleaning In Redhill

Patio Cleaning Company Working In Redhill

Our patio cleaning service in Redhill has been keeping the local residents very happy for many years now. We class our patio cleaning service second to none as we aim to go the extra mile on every job we carry out. Altho we are based in Crawley, West Sussex means that Redhill is one or our neighbours town and pride themselves on being one of the refined areas. We get a lot of work in Redhill for that reason alone.

There is not a patio type out there that we have’nt restored and brought back to life. We can even remove the most harshest of black marks or should we call them black spots. The back spots that grow on the patio slabs over time are a form of lichen, yes they can be a nightmare to remover even with a pressure washer but we have a few products that completely removers them from patio slabs and can also work without the use of a pressure washer at all.


Going The Extra Mile

Whilst we were there cleaning the patio we cleaned the timber table and chairs. only took a couple of extra minutes and the results were amazing would’nt you say…

We are so happy with the patio and it looks so fresh and new again and we have The Captain and his team to thank for that all the other power washing companies we have used in the past didn’t get anywhere near to the results that Captain Jetwash have.
— Mr & Mrs Farn in Redhill

Repointing slabs on a staircase in Redhill

Here is a job where we restored a staircase in Redhill. I posted picture of before and after the clean but this is when we repointed between the slabe then treated the slabs with a sealer for longer lasting protection and finished off with spraying a coat of black metal paint on the railings.


By the time we had finished the stair case looked brand new and the owner was so please with the finished results. 

Where carrying out any type of work we always plan to go the extra mile.

Where carrying out any type of work we always plan to go the extra mile.

Pressure clean steps in Redhill.

Pressure cleaning of steps in Redhill.


Here is a small job we carried out in Redhill this week.  Upon our arrival we set up all our pressure washing gear and proceeded to clean mode.  Wouldn't you agree the steps are now so much fresher.  We pressure washer the steps then reprinted between the steps and finished off with a healthy coating of solvent free sealant. If you have an area that could do with a clean then make sure you call in the good guys here from Captain Jetwash .... Thanks for reading.


Algae removal from an EPDM / rubber roof in Crawley, West Sussex

Algae removal from an EPDM / rubber roof in Crawley, West Sussex. This roof was covered in algae so the client asked us to treat it and restore the rubber roof back to its former glory. So we did just that and now it looks like brand new.  

If you have a EPDM rubber roof that's looking slightly delapatated then give us a call and we can get it looking good as new again.  

Cleaning and Sealing a Driveway in Bookham

Here we have been pressure cleaned and sealed a block paved driveway in Bookham. Once the clean was carried out we waited for the next dry day and returned to apply 2 coats of our driveway sealer to give it the extra protection it needed. The client we're very please with the final out come and they said the are going to recommend out services to their friends and family. 

I want to sell my home faster, But How..????

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Most home buyers will tend to make a drive-by visit to the property before they decide whether or not to make a appointment to view the property. Freshening up the outside of your property is always a very good starting point to make them want to pop in for a viewing, you would start with regularly mow the lawn, trim hedges and remove any weeds from your beds or pathways. Consider giving the front door and the window frames a fresh coat of paint.

An important note is don’t forget to clean any stone work around the property. This could be cleaning the brick work at the front of the property and any paths or driveway or even giving the roof tiles a good clean to give the place a nice clean fresh look. Kerb appeal goes along way when it comes to choosing whether you like the look of the property...

First impressions last....... Call Captain jetwash First…..

Brick Work Cleaning By Captain Jetwash.

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Here are a few of our brick work cleaning images. Doesnt it make a difference just by having a good clean. Its always best not to clean brick work to hard as you may damage some of the mortar joint. Just take it easy and get closer as you go. For a free consultation on any brick cleaning task drop us an email via our contact us form and we will contact you very shortly and book you in for a free no obligation quote.