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Commercial Bin Area In Need Of A Good Clean.

Here are a couple of pictures of a bin area that was much in the need of a good clean. Within a couple of hours we had this dirty smelly bin area looking as good as new. A clean bin area can make all the difference to the outside of your work area. If your works bin area need a good clean then why not give us a call to receive a free no obligation quote.


Dont Use Cement on the block pavings i told the client

This little driveway is owned by a gentleman that lives just round the corner from me. Every 6 months he jet washes his driveway himself but had never re-sanded the driveway. This year he decided to re-sand the driveway but he went and used a bag of cement instead of kiln dried sand. As you can see he had brushed the cement all over the blocks and the let it dry for a couple of days. It was then that he realised sand should have been used. He was pretty disappointed with the result of his hard efforts so he got me round to assess the damage. After a quick look we agreed on a price which was around the £90 make I then got out the big guns and hooked up to the water supply the started my cleaning process. The whole job took me about 2 hours to complete and the result were pretty on the button as you can see in the picture above………… Moral to this story is DONT USE CEMENT TO RESAND A DRIVEWAY……

Roof Cleaning In Cralwey

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